TechBirmingham Ecycling Day Marketing Gains Steam

While we are finalizing operational plans for our event on Earth Day April 22, several marketing efforts are already underway. By now, you’ve probably seen the public service announcement developed by our presenting media partner, WBRC FOX6 television. The spot, featuring evening anchor personalities Devon Walsh and Steve Crocker, first ran early this month. If, for some reason, you’ve missed it, click on the screenshot below to view the thirty second commercial (requires Windows Media Player).

While FOX6 will help us reach the masses, you too can help us get the word out. First thing you should do is to check your own home and see if you have any unused computing equipment or cell phones that could be donated on April 22. Set the time aside to ensure that you drop off your items at one of over ten locations to be announced later this month. We’re working on locations that are convenient to where you live and/or work. Of course, you could always volunteer to help out and staff a collection location!

Next, talk with your employer about getting any unused corporate equipment pledged for our event. Acceptable items include desktop computers, laptops, servers, monitors, printers, cables, loose circuit boards, spare computer parts, empty printer cartridges, and cell phones. The brand, age, and working condition are not important. In fact, one local company has already pledged an old mainframe computer for demanufacturing!

Birmingham is full of citizens that donate their time for worthy charities, non-profits, and places of worship. If any of them could use a new supply of workable computers, please contact their leadership and suggest that they apply for a product grant from our event.

In other news regarding the TechBirmingham Ecycling Day, we are excited to announce that the City of Hoover has gratiously agreed to provide use of their public safety building along

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