You are invited to the “Vulcan Unplugged” Press Conference

On Friday, May 13 at 11:30am, Vulcan Park Foundation and TechBirmingham will hold a press conference to launch wireless Internet access at Vulcan Park. At this time, Vulcan Park will officially become one of the highest profile wireless hotspots in the Southeast! To commemorate the unveiling of this new service to the residential and business communities, we invite you to join us as we transform Vulcan Park into an “outdoor office” by flooding the park grounds with professionals and laptops to create a dramatic setting while communicating that Vulcan Park is now “unplugged!”

We encourage everyone to bring their lunch and arrive early with laptops ready to stake a wireless spot on the park grounds. Picnic blankets and lawn chairs are welcomed and encouraged.

In separate news, the first 20 usable laptops collected during the TechBirmingham Ecycling Day effort have been assigned to the Vulcan Park Foundation. These laptops, along with wireless Internet capability, will allow Vulcan Park the flexibility to integrate Internet use in existing children’s workshops, create new educational opportunities designed specifically for learning about how wireless Internet works and offer the community access to a valuable resource. Through their collaborations and educational efforts, Vulcan Park Foundation will begin to bridge the digital divide in the Birmingham region.


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