BatterUp Hosts 200 Students for Regional Math Competition

Over 200 students and their parents and teachers showed up at the McWane Center on a Friday afternoon in early May to play baseball. No field was used and while the weather was wonderfully warm outside, this competition took place on computers with the aid of educational software from software developer CompuSage.

BatterUp is a research-based, Integrated Learning System (ILS) designed to reinforce 1st through 8th grade students’ basic math skills. Started several years ago as a local event, this initiative has grown into a regional competition. The first Southeastern Regional Tournament for BatterUp featured student teams from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.The first 30 desktop systems collected from the TechBirmingham Ecycling Day were awarded to the BatterUp initiative. Virginia College was engaged to refurbish the donated computers prior to installation at the McWane Center, ensuring the donated computers were network-ready and had the requisite software installed.

In addition to competing in the math competition, the following six schools were awarded the computers donated from the TechBirmingham Ecycling Day to use in their own classrooms:

  • Clay Elementary School, Jefferson County, Alabama
  • Clay-Chalkville Middle School, Jefferson County, Alabama
  • Cook Elementary School, Cook County, Georgia
  • E.A. Harrold Elementary School, Shelby County, Tennessee
  • Gresham Elementary School, Jefferson County, Alabama
  • Hosford Elementary and Junior High School, Liberty County, Florida

Also participating in the tournament from Alabama were Wenonah Elementary School of Birmingham City Schools and Clark Elementary School from Selma City Schools.

FOX6 WBRC aired a story about the event on the evening news. Click HERE to view the streaming video.


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