BDPA Planning for Future Growth

Guest commentary by Cedrick Moore
BDPA Greater Birmingham

As the President of the Greater Birmingham Chapter of BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates), I want to take this opportunity to give everyone (our members and technology community) an update on the direction of our chapter. During our May Meeting, we outlined several areas of interest that BDPA members want to direct our organizational focus upon. The five key initiatives are as follows:

  • Member Networking
  • Member Professional Development/Training
  • High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Training
  • Special Interest Groups (Telecom, Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, and Entrepreneur)
  • Outreach (Community Service and Professional Alliances)

BDPA-Birmingham represents all facets of the Technology industry. Companies which our members represent include Honda, EDS, Accenture, CGI-AMS, BellSouth, HealthSouth, AmSouth, Wachovia, Southern Company, CSC, UAB, Lawson State, University of Alabama, Auburn University, Virginia College, Children’s Hospital, and many, many more. BDPA-Birmingham has over 100 present and past members combined in our short 3 year history. That’s powerful.

We must now harness the power and knowledge that we possess within BDPA to help each other realize our true potential. My goal as President is to “activate” the power already in each and every one of you to enable you to accomplish ANY goals that you desire. However, we need your help. We need you to play an ACTIVE role in your own development. BDPA is not yet a self-sustaining organization. We need volunteers (each of you) to help US to help YOU achieve success. Check out our website for more information.


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