Birmingham Company Launches New Flash Authoring Software

Out of nowhere, or so it seems <hmm>, comes a new software company based here in Birmingham in the same vein as Auto FX Software (with its worldclass Photoshop plugins). Tivity Software produces authoring applications that are used designed to provide a fast and intuitive way to develop and maintain engaging web projects. See their press release announcing the new product offering.

Reading the press release, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that Tivity should do for Macromedia what Auto FX did for Photoshop. On a hunch, by checking the whois entry for, I found that it had been registered by someone with an email address back in May of 2003. Also, the media contact for Tivity is the same person as for Auto FX. Auto FX was founded in 1994 and has since become the de facto leader in Adobe Photoshop plug-ins worldwide, distributed in over 45 countries. Perhaps they’ll be able to do the same with this new company!

Xtivity is available for a free 30-day trial from Tivity Software. See the software page on Download Junction for more details.


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