TechBirmingham announces “TechWalk”

Check out our announcement about the TechWalk effort we’ve planned for September 24. This was announced earlier today at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival press conference. We need teams of 4-6 individuals to play the game… interested? Tell us about your team by adding a comment to this posting on the website/blog.

What is TechWalk?

    TechWalk is a large-scale urban game using the physical world of a 6×6 block area of downtown Birmingham, Alabama as a virtual game board. Using wireless technology teams of people will compete in games of Othello, capturing grid intersections by completing a film-themed challenge with a camera phone, by uploading the images to a centralized server. Challenges will be in the form of performance art using a combination of noun, verb, and adjective randomly assigned to the team when they arrive at the intersection. The game will be time-limited so that an overall winner can be determined before the evening’s screenings at Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. The public is invited to observe the game in progress but can also track the progress online via the web.

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