Angelbeat wireless comes back to Birmingham

Angelbeat returns to Birmingham for its 3rd straight year! This is a NOT TO MISS event and it won’t cost you a dime!!!

Attendees receive complimentary breakfast & lunch. Free Wi-Fi access is provided. Free parking. Individuals can come for a portion of the day. Attendees can win USB memory sticks, iPods, digital cameras and other great prizes. FREE Parking.

Program Description: Experts cover wireless, security and VoIP through concise, non-salesy presentations stressing technology, applications, customer examples and case studies. Attendees learn by hearing informative talks and exchanging ideas with peers from corporations, universities, government agencies, hospitals, etc. in the area. Click on logos to the right for more information about featured technologies and companies (presentations done by technical staff or partners). Special demonstration/preview of the Microsoft software including live communication server, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Vista operating system!

7:30 – 8:30: Breakfast, Registration, Networking, Product Demonstration
8:30 – 10:15: MOBILITY/WIRELESS- High-speed wireless data networks: 3G offerings from cellular carriers, Wi-Fi LANs, speed vs coverage tradeoff- BlackBerry and Microsoft-powered smartphones demonstrations- Wireless LAN Protocols: 802.11a vs b vs g- Wi-Fi security issues and answers, rogue access point detection and correction- Integrated RFID, Wi-Fi, Cellular & Bluetooth wireless networks- ROI on wireless deployments: email productivity, elimination of paper forms
10:15 – 11:00: Break, Networking, Product Demonstration
11:00 – 12:30: IT SECURITY- Anti-Spam, Spyware detection & elimination, and email management/filtering solutions- Automatic identification and termination of Peer-to-Peer file transfers by users- Enterprise-quality Instant Messaging (IM) solutions- Optimal combination of VPN, Firewall, IDS, IPS, Anti-Virus products- Network architecture security solutions, i.e. sink hole routers- Remote access solutions: VPN, Terminal Services, others- Login/Authentication options, including passwords, tokens, biometrics/fingerprints, smartcards
12:30 – 1:15: Break, Networking, Product Demonstration
1:15 – 1:45: Microsoft Keynote: Windows Vista, Successor to Windows XP (formerly known as Longhorn)
1:45 – 3:00: VoIP, IP-BASED VOICE-DATA-VIDEO NETWORKS- Integrating existing PBX and VoIP equipment- VoIP cost savings: long-distance charges, moves/adds/changes- VoIP productivity gains: workforce flexibility, disaster recovery- Intelligent bandwidth management tools, to prioritize voice over data traffic- Computer headsets: are separate desktop phones still required?- Wireless phones that work in-building on 802.11 networks and on cellular networks- Unified messaging/communications platforms: voicemail messages retrieved thru outlook, phone calls made on laptops, voice-to-text software
Conclusion of Event: Survey Collection, Raffles/Giveaways


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