BMUG RPG Seminar

2-Day Workshop: Power Up Your RPG with Jon Paris and Susan Gantner of Partner/400 –

Susan and Jon are two are the most well known iSeries speakers in the US and around the world! Both are former IBMers who have worked with the iSeries nearly all of their careers. They have a great workshop planned for us!

WHEN: November 15th & 16th, 2005
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM CT

WHERE: EBSCO (2nd floor conference room)
Wednesday, November 16:

The Birmingham Midrange Users Group
Genisys Group, Inc.

SPEAKERS: Susan Gantner and John Paris of Partner/400


Day One:
RPG IV: Subprocedures Basics (Jon)
ILE Essentials: Part 1 – Binding (Susan)

– lunch break –

WDSc/RSE: The Modern RPG Developer’s Toolset (Susan)
RPG IV: The Power of Prototyping (Jon)

Day Two:
RPG IV: Subprocedures: Beyond the Basics (Jon)
ILE Essentials: Part 2 – Binder Language & Activation Groups (Susan)

– lunch break –

Introduction to XML for RPGers (Susan)
Writing RPG Web Programs Using CGIDEV2 —
OR — Brewing Up Mixed RPG and Java Applications (Jon)


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