Regift Your Old Computers on December 28th

Vulcan Park Foundation to host “Ecycling” Drive — Wednesday, December 28, Noon-6pm, 1701 Valley View Drive in Birmingham, Ala.

Why keep an old computer laying around if a new one is received for Christmas? On Wednesday, December 28 from noon – 6 pm, the public is encouraged to drop off any used computers, laptops, cell phones and a number of other accepted items to Vulcan Park to be “ecycled.” Volunteers will be on site to assist in the unloading of donated equipment and provide each consumer with a tax receipt. Co-sponsored by TechBirmingham and Vulcan Park Foundation (VPF), this “ecycling” drive is to encourage local residents to recycle their used electronic equipment for the benefit of local non-profits within the greater Birmingham community.

Accepted items include: Desktop computers, Laptop computers, Computer monitors, Keyboards and input devices, Printers, Scanners, Digital cameras, PDAs and handheld devices, Game systems, Printer cartridges (laser and inkjet), and Cell phones.

While most of the items received will be recycled and demanufactured, many will be refurbished. All usable desktop computers will be refurbished and redistributed to select community-based computer learning centers whose programs would benefit from an additional supply of computers. All laptops will be considered for use by Vulcan Park Foundation for educational use in conjunction with Vulcan Park’s wireless Internet service. Such laptops, along with the park’s wireless Internet capability, will allow VPF the opportunity to integrate Internet use in existing children’s workshops, create new educational opportunities designed specifically for learning about “WiFi,” and offer the community access to a valuable resource.

For more information about ecycling, see


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