Better than #2

Last Thursday afternoon, the Birmingham Business Journal reported a ranking of Alabama's "top 10" list of wireless cities. In addition to seeing it myself, I was notified by several different concerned citiziens from our community about the MetroFreeFi announcement that Birmingham ranked #2 and Hoover was #6. Other major cities in our region weren't even included. Comparing the release's stated number of 16 for Birmingham to our known number of 30 free locations out of 58 total in the city limits (see Browse by the City of Birmingham), it was disappointing not to see Birmingham #1 on the release. Even Hoover should have been #2 in the list of cities. Our total in the immediate metro area exceeds 220 free + for-fee locations. Using our numbers, this is how things stack up for FREE sites:

  1. Birmingham – 30 free locations, moving up from #2
  2. Hoover – 21, moving up from #6
  3. Mobile – 18, moving down from #1
  4. Homewood – 16
  5. Montgomery – 13, moving down from #3
  6. Huntsville – 12, moving down from #4
  7. Tuscaloosa – 11, moving down from #5
  8. Vestavia Hills (tied) – 7
  9. Mountain Brook (tied) – 7
  10. Bessemer – 6

Please help us keep adding to this list as you find them. Also, if we're listing a wifi site that doesn't charge for access but it's not yet noted as Free, please let us know and we will correct.

If you frequent a business that doesn't yet have wireless, be sure to let the owner know how little it costs to add such an important amenity. If in doubt, drop us a line and we'll help make the case!


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