Masada acquires TVA biomass facility

Birmingham, AL – Masada Resource Group, LLC, of Birmingham, Alabama has been chosen as the successful bidder to purchase the Tennessee Valley Authority’s biomass plant facilities and equipment.

The TVA biomass facilities are located in Muscle Shoals Alabama and have been used by Masada to conduct tests on key process systems and vendor equipment that will be used in the Pencor-Masada OxyNol Orange Recycling and Ethanol production facility to be built in Middletown, NY, said company Vice President Timothy Judge.

“There are certain things that we have been working on, that we can take that equipment, decommission it and ship it to Middletown and use it in the facility,” he said. “That will speed up the timeline of construction instead of waiting for equipment to be remanufactured or redesigned to come into the Middletown facility.”

Masada manager Donald Watkins said much of Masada’s success has been due to “the collaborative process that we have been part of as TVA and the DOE utilized these facilities to explore ethanol and new ways of converting wastes into fuels.” Masada is the leader of a collaborative effort by Auburn University in Auburn, AL and PureVision Technology, Inc. of Ft. Lupton, Co. Watkins said that research “will allow us to continue the cutting edge research of TVA and DOE in fuel development, leading us away from a dependence on foreign oil.”


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