Cyber Operations Receives Patent on ACL Manager, Its Advanced Network Security Software Solution

PELHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cyber Operations, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CYPJ.PK) recently received confirmation from the United States Patent & Trademark Office that the patent on the company’s network security software technology, ACL Manager, has been issued. The USPTO assigned patent number 7,188,164.

Cyber Operations ACL Manager software delivers a cost-effective, network security solution to companies, universities and government agencies. The technology is embedded in the company’s family of network security products, including the Access Control List (ACL) Manager and Filter List Manager/Anti-Network Terrorism controller (FLM/ANT). It strengthens and streamlines the method by which network gateways and routers manage and control external access to private networks. Kevin Etheridge, inventor of the patented Access Control List (ACL) design, is the Chief Technology Officer for Cyber Operations, Inc. Mr. Etheridge explains, “Our patented technology provides an ACL for each device, in either a diverse or homogenous router/gateway network. It works in harmony across a multitude of hardware platforms and can be merged and consolidated to create a common ACL, giving customers a clear, consistent, real time analysis on the security status of their entire network.”

Cyber Operations CEO Philip Ruggieri commented, “The patented ACL technology brings a very powerful solution to our customers. Around the world, companies and governments have placed their mission-critical operations on the net. This move has increased the risk of unauthorized network access. Our patented software helps to close network exposures and reduce business risk. Cyber Operations’ ACL technology also reduces customers’ costs as it improves the response time for customers to prevent unauthorized network attacks. When our clients’ run their business case, the business risk reduction and cost savings that our technology delivers are much greater than the cost of implementation. Our products can be deployed globally, providing a uniform security environment to our clients’ entire network.”

Mr. Etheridge added, “We are especially proud that our patented technology is embedded in our products, and that our solutions have been deployed by the U.S. Department of Defense for global network protection.”

Cyber Operations, Inc. provides comprehensive security solutions to companies and governmental agencies through its integration of large-scale network security and biometric and access control technologies. Cyber Operations’ security technology, along with its other products and services, including its voice over IP (VOIP) solution and its CyberDAN (Digital Advertising Network) solution featuring digital media content management and distribution, complete the technology package essential to the corporate enterprise. The company maintains offices near Birmingham, AL and in Orlando, FL, and its products and solution can be viewed on its website at


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