UAB Hosts High School Programming Contest

UAB Department of CISSharpen your coding skills, oh budding high-school programmers.  Visit the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s CIS department’s announcement page about the UAB High School Programming Contest (HSPC).  If you’re already out of high school, then find someone who is an let them know about this exciting one-day intensive event.  Download the PDF brochure here.  Of course, there’s a deadline to register… this Friday, March 23rd.

The following is an excerpt from the main information page.  Be sure to follow the link at the bottom for full details!

The UAB High School Programming Contest (HSPC) brings talented students from high schools throughout Alabama to the UAB campus to participate in an organized competition. Students individually compete to demonstrate their programming skills and problem solving abilities by attempting to solve six programming problems within a three hour period. Schools that have more than three contestants are also eligible for team awards.

The next contest will take place

Saturday, May 12, 2007 from 10:30am-4:45pm in Campbell Hall at UAB

Parking information and directions to the CIS Department can be found here.

Registration for this event is limited to the first 40 students to respond. A waitlist will be maintained in case of cancellations, or if additional spaces are available after the registration period. If more than 5 students pre-register from any one school, only the first five from that school will be selected. Schools with more than 5 applicants will have their additional students placed on the waitlist for future consideration.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is March 23rd… don’t delay. To pre-register, fill out the Intent to Participate form and email it to The $20 registration fee is not due for pre-registration.  Be sure to read the Official Rules.


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