UAB hosting Alice Film Festival in May

University of Alabama at Birmingham’s CIS department is at it again. Colocated with and immediately following the the High School Programming Contest (HSPC), the UAB Alice Film Festival provides an opportunity for Alabama K-12 students to create animated movies using Alice and submit them to a competition. Movies from the film festival will be shown at a special event and awards will be given in several categories. The film festival will take place…

Saturday, May 12, 2007 from 3:00pm-4:45pm in Campbell Hall at UAB

Parking information and directions to the CIS Department can be found here. Registration form and $10 fee are due by April 20th. All movies must be submitted electronically by May 1st. Official rules can be found here.

What is Alice?

  • Alice is an interactive 3D-programming environment from Carnegie-Mellon University. The goal of Alice is to offer the best possible first exposure to programming for students by providing a more intuitive environment for teaching object-oriented programming. Throughout the United States, several universities are using Alice to introduce computer programming to middle school and high school students.
  • Alice has been shown to be appealing to both girls and boys. Many approaches toward teaching computer programming are not appealing to young girls, but research has demonstrated that Alice offers benefits toward attracting girls into computing.
  • Alice is freely available for download from at


  • All students in Alabama public, private, and home schools are invited to participate. Grade school and middle school students are also encouraged to participate. If there is enough interest among middle/grade schools, a separate category of awards may be created.
  • To prepare for the contest, students should independently create Alice programs that represent a movie, cartoon, or video. The movies must be submitted electronically to the UAB judges prior to the film festival. Each movie will be judged for an award. All movies will be shown after the keynote presentation.

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