SourceMedical Announces SourceRad V3

SourceMedical, a leader in information management solutions for outpatient and diagnostic imaging centers, announced the release and successful implementation of SourceRad V3, the company’s third generation RIS/PACS/Billing software. The software is the only Web-based, RIS/PACS/Billing solution designed to run over the Internet without any network security requirements such as a VPN (virtual private network), thus eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, software and ongoing support from an in-house IT staff.

Ideally suited for multi-site imaging center operators, SourceRad V3 offers several speed, performance and usability enhancements for end users. The RIS/PACS/Billing solution has been completely re-written in Microsoft.NET to leverage a rich-client or what is often referred to as “smart-client” technology. In addition, it is designed to run in a datacenter environment and is currently hosted by SourceMedical’s partner, SunGard, NYSE:SUN, a Fortune 50 company and a leader in the datacenter hosting environment.

“Since SourceMedical is responsible for virtually all of the IT necessary to deliver and support the SourceRad V3 application, it allows us to focus on what we do best – running world-class imaging centers and delivering superior patient care,” said Joe Borelli, M.D., a radiologist and owner of a mid-sized imaging center located just outside of Hilton Head, S.C. “The SourceRad RIS/PACS/Billing solution helps us meet the demands of busy referring physicians while streamlining the workflow for our radiologists.”

“Since it can be run from any computer with Internet access, SourceRad V3 is much easier to deploy and maintain than conventional ‘fat client’ systems or earlier browser-based systems. In addition, because of its inherent security parameters and business logic, it actually exceeds the benefits derived from a dedicated in-house solution,” said Ralph Riccardi, president and COO of SourceMedical’s Radiology division. “Our customers are now able to easily transition to filmless environments and increased reimbursements, while reducing IT costs and burden associated with traditional offerings.

About SourceMedical
SourceMedical provides outpatient information solutions and services for diagnostic imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers and rehabilitation clinics nationwide. With a 20-year track record and more than 5,900 satisfied customers, SourceMedical is the trusted source for innovative applications, in-depth industry expertise and unsurpassed customer service. The company’s unique, end-to-end systems improve operational efficiency and cash flow while enabling healthcare facilities to capture, exchange and analyze data to deliver a higher standard of patient care.


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