Alabama Ranks Solidly in Top 10 Nationally for Free WiFi / City of Birmingham Ranks #12

The leading national collection of free WiFi hotspots lists Alabama in the TOP TEN on their list of states alongside Ohio and Oregon. The dynamic list, published by AnchorFree in Silicon Valley, puts the state at #8 as of press time for this newsletter.

While the City of Birmingham now sits at #12 nationally, it has also consistently ranked in the top 15 nationally as long as we have tracked the index.  Cities with a similar number of hotspots include San Diego and Indianapolis.  Birmingham ranks ahead of Los Angeles and San Jose, both in California.  The City sits at the top of AnchorFree’s list statewide with Hoover, Homewood, Mobile, and Huntsville making up the top five.  Birmingham also shows a higher per capita installation of Free WiFi than the City of Atlanta with 2.88 for every 10,000 residents vs. 2.71 for our neighbors to the east.

Meanwhile, the local list of ALL public WiFi hotspots surpassed 300 late last year.  It currently sits at 328, up from a start of only 40 back in November 2004.  Visit to see the whole list and let us know of any additions. The website is hosted by IPSA, the Internet Professionals Society of Alabama, in partnership with TechBirmingham.


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