HeavyLogic™ Announces Free GroupVoice-IP™ Conferencing Service

Birmingham, Alabama, April 15th, 2007 — HeavyLogic™, a local leader in hosted IP Telephony solutions, announces the immediate availability of the free and unrestricted GroupVoice-IP™ conferencing service.

“The concept is simply to provide an easy to use conferencing service for businesses. The only thing a user needs to know is a toll free number.” says Bill Kervaski, Company Chief Technology Officer. “Conferences can optionally be recorded for download or completely anonymous.”

“The revenue model is advertisement driven, a geographically biased 5-10 second commercial is played for each caller and then they are dropped immediately into their conference” continues Mr. Kervaski. “There’s no time limits or caller restrictions of any kind. The call quality is phenomenal and the product represents a tremendous value for businesses that don’t want to take on the expense of dedicated conferencing services.”

No information is collected or required to use GroupVoice-IP™ and a simple but effective process allows secure retrieval of conference recordings.

Trailing the successful launch of the company’s SmartVoice-IP™ hosted IP Telephony solution, HeavyLogic™ has positioned itself to be a competitive VoIP provider in the SMB market.

“Our advertising partners have a unique opportunity to reach customers throughout the US and Canada” adds Dana Dillard, Director of Business Development. “A simple but effective algorithm determines which ads are played to callers based on the time and date and each callers geographic location and the advertising fees are negligible.”

For more information, visit the HeavyLogic™ IP Telephony website at heavylogic.com/voip/.

Building on the company’s Innovation Everywhere™ campaign, HeavyLogic™ continues to grow its array of cost effective and low maintenance business solutions.

About HeavyLogic, LLC
HeavyLogic™ is a privately funded technology company focused on IP Telephony, Software Development and Systems Engineering based in Birmingham, Alabama. For more information call us at 888.902.7277 or visit the company website at heavylogic.com.


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