Emageon Receives #1 in Overall Vendor Ranking in KLAS Report

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Emageon Inc. (Nasdaq: EMAG) a leader in enterprise medical information technology systems for hospitals and healthcare networks, announced today that it had received the #1 “Overall Vendor Ranking” among major industry vendors* in the new KLAS(R) April 2007 PACS Perception Report (KLAS).

The KLAS report included the following eight assessment components:

  1. Vendor Vision
  2. Enterprise Usage
  3. Clinical Workflow
  4. Web Distribution/Remote Access
  5. End User Presentation
  6. Cost/Value
  7. Technology/Architecture
  8. Integration

Emageon ranked #1 in Vendor Vision, Clinical Workflow, End User Presentation (tie) and Technology/Architecture (tie) and was the only vendor above average in all categories.

In addition to this impressive ranking:

  • Emageon ranked #2 among those large (>200 beds) providers interviewed who had chosen PACS.
  • Emageon was the only vendor to rank above average among Administrative Management, IT and Radiology respondents.
  • Emageon was the only vendor whose “Vendor Considered” percentage increased with each measured frequency (2003, 2005, 2007).

“Emageon’s top ranking in this new KLAS report is welcomed validation of our corporate mission and vision,” said Chuck Jett, Emageon’s Chairman, CEO and President. “Our people remain devoted to continuously improving our products, our service and our systems. We hope that this KLAS report opens the door for additional healthcare providers to consider Emageon.”


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