IBML Partners with Cranel Imaging, Expands VAR Network for ImageTrac Scanners

May 30, 2007 – Birmingham, AL – Imaging Business Machines, LLC (IBML) announces a distribution agreement with Cranel Imaging, the leading value-added distributor of document imaging, storage and duplication products and services. The agreement — the first two-tier selling arrangement for IBML — expands distribution for IBML technology to a broader base of resellers and image capture service providers. As a result, more companies will be exposed to the ImageTrac high-speed scanning transport and intelligent software from IBML. It will also allow lower volume integrators access to IBML products and services previously unavailable.

Privately owned Cranel has a cultural perspective and value focus similar to IBML, with complementary strengths and expertise, according to Robert Sbrissa, IBML Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “While IBML has always stayed away from pure distribution, Cranel will offer us access to more VARs and new markets with a strong value compliment. They have a very technical staff, solid relationships, and have built a strong and viable business for years to come.

“The partnership provides our Value Added Resellers (VARs) a new level of imaging hardware and software capability, meeting highly complex, specialized scanning needs. Capture opportunities previously out of reach can now be addressed with a proven IBML solution.” said Scott Slack, Vice President and General Manager of Cranel Imaging. “The result is greater opportunity for our VARs.”

The distribution model taps into Cranel’s network of high-end VARs who are experienced in selling higher end solutions with greater complexity. Cranel will identify highly qualified VARs to pursue opportunities for the IBML ImageTrac Scanning Platform, along with DocNetics Recognition Suite and SoftTrac Capture Software. The partnership is committed to ensuring these resellers understand how to best position and solution sell this advanced technology and capture maximum ROI for their customers.

Through their existing relationships and strong market presence, Cranel understands the opportunities for large production scanning placements. Now, customers who are familiar with IBML technology gain a source for high-end production scanning and image capture technologies. The strong Cranel service organization adds further value for selling IBML systems in new markets.

The agreement is now in effect in the US and Canada.


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