Develop Your Technical Leadership Skills @ UAB

From Dale Calahan @ UAB…

The IEM program is a professional engineering program that results in a masters degree in 21 months while attending classes monthly – not every night!

Unlike most graduate programs, IEM focuses on the real world of technology companies. Our courses were developed by leaders of companies – both small and large. The central goal of the IEM program is the development of technical leadership.

Key elements

  • The program is geared toward working professionals who have to balance their career development with the demands of jobs and families.
  • Classes start with a seminar on August 8, 9, and 10th, then move to monthly meetings on Friday and Saturday.
  • The program is REAL – i.e. we are not an academic program which results in a lot of theory you will never use. We are heavily connected to real companies and real problems.

Up, Over, or Out
We recognize that individuals are looking for different things in their careers. Our students come in looking to move either up (get promoted), over (move to another opportunity in another company or another division), or out (start their own company). Our alumni have a strong record of doing all three! Alumni have moved from the cubicle to the board room and from the corporate office to the entrepreneurial venture – many while still in the program! With over 100 alumni of the program, we have seen significant improvement of career position – as well as career satisfaction.

We are taking applications now for classes starting in August. The $500 application fee has been reduced to $375 until July 15th.

To learn more go to our website at Also sign up for our email updates! Please feel free to contact me at 975-5527 or Also we will have an informational meeting on July 13th. See website for details.


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