Counting To A Million – International Exposure for Birmingham Techie

How far would you go to gain notoriety for you, your employer, or your city? Jeremy Harper and 2 friends, Eric Brown and Rob Hayes, have wired Jeremy’s apartment with four (or more) cameras and set up a special website to capture him counting from 1 to 1,000,000 live on the web. He started at noon on June 18th, 2 days after turning 31… and already is garnering international attention for their efforts.

According to the website, “On January 20, 2006 , Eric called Jeremy on his lunch break and said ‘what if we get someone to count to 1 million on the internet?’ It was not long after when we determined that person must be Jeremy. He was the perfect fit. We needed another brilliant mind to help make this happen so we brought in our long time friend Rob. Since the establishment of the new triumvirate there has been no turning back.”

Jeremy is no stranger to raising money for good causes… he has ridden a bicycle across the USA and ran a marathon in Ireland, all to raise money for PUSH America and for Leukemia research. As of press time, he has raised over $3,200 online. For the rest of the story, see this page. According to his latest blog entry, 100% of the donations are going to PUSH (up from 50% at the start).

The MillionCount effort has been sponsored locally by ACP Inc and Kinetic Communications, among many others. ACP has graciously given him time off for this project (expected to take 3-4 months). Helping him are “two producers off camera, one production assistant virtually full time on camera with [him], a PR company, some marketing guys, a bunch of volunteers, and very patient girlfriend.”

MillionCount interview on Fox and FriendsHe has been interviewed nationally on Fox and Friends and received a mention at the end of a clip by CNET TV on YouTube. Subscribe to Jeremy’s videos on YouTube and keep up with his progress. As of this posting, he’s at 116,303 and counting… and counting.


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