Life of the South Adds Kreatek to its Arsenal of Lending Services

GARDENDALE, AL – Life of the South Corporation, a nationally recognized financial services company specializing in administration, mass marketing and payment protection announced that it has reached a tentative agreement with Kreatek to integrate Kreatek’s quoting system into Life of the South’s menu of systems and software solutions for its customers. Life of the South has a significant presence in the bank credit insurance and debt cancellation market where its client partners often have difficulty developing front end calculation tools that enhance the cross sell of credit insurance and debt protection products to bank loan customers. Life of the South expects to add Kreatek’s Integrated Quoting and Sales (KiQs) application to its list of technology solutions. The KiQs application enhances loan quoting and product distribution and provides point-of-sale product awareness and sales performance analytics that keeps the right products in front of the right people at the right time.

“Life of the South is the ideal partner” says George Barckley Kreatek’s President. “They are a leader in the payment protection market and their knowledge of current and future products helps us provide leading edge frontend sales tools to the lending community”, continues Barckley.

For nearly 100 years financial institutions provided their customers with payment protection products. These products afford loan customers protection from catastrophic events that may interrupt one’s ability to repay the loan. Today, many banks are providing their customers with debt cancellation products which can add even greater protection to loan borrowers. These new programs, along with those still using credit insurance models, have a common need to quote a loan with and without the bank’s protection product so that the customer can make an informed decision about the value of the product.

Kreatek’s KiQs product enhances that process by not only quoting loan payments but also has the capacity to provide information to assist lenders in telling the product story in the most effective way possible. “We are delighted to add the KiQs model as another solution to banks who want to make the most of their payment protection program and feel it can enhance a banks program results” said Bruce Bradley First Vice President of Life of the South.


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