Carrington and Brookwood Pharmaceuticals Extend GelSite Drug Delivery Technology Development

IRVING, Texas, July 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Carrington Laboratories, Inc. today announced that its subsidiary, DelSite Biotechnologies, Inc., extended a joint development agreement with Brookwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The goal of this effort is to continue an expanded evaluation of GelSite(R), a DelSite patented drug-delivery technology, as a matrix for injectable applications and for selected classes of drugs. This extension is built on the promising results and evaluations conducted by the joint technical team in the past year.

GelSite(R) polymer is a high-molecular-weight anionic polysaccharide that exhibits distinct chemical and functional properties proprietary to the Company. It is a naturally derived, biocompatible, resorbable biopolymer and is produced under cGMP with high purity at a kilogram scale. This technology has the potential to protect and deliver peptides and proteins effectively while reducing the frequency of drug administration. Fewer injections will improve patient compliance, safety and efficacy. Injectable, controlled- release applications for peptides and proteins are in the multibillion-dollar drug delivery market.

Under this new extended joint development program, the evaluation of GelSite(R) technology will continue to be managed by a team of experts from Brookwood Pharmaceuticals and DelSite. “Brookwood Pharmaceuticals is internationally recognized in the field of drug delivery. The joint scientific team has made progresses in expanding the applications of the GelSite(R) polymer for parenteral delivery of proteins and peptides. We are looking forward to the continued success of this program,” said Dr. Carlton E. Turner, president and CEO of Carrington.


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