Cyber Operations Inc. Releases New Biometric Access System

BIRMINGHAM — Cyber Operations Inc. (NASDAQ: CYPJ) announces the release of Cyber SAM, its proprietary biometric access, authentication and identification system. Cyber SAM (Secure Access Manager) is an integrated software and hardware device that provides advanced fingerprint recognition, enabling rapid registration, identification and clearance of individuals. It is designed using “Weigand” technology, and it is easily customizable for a wide array of customer applications. It supports secure access, employee or customer identification, guest admittance — all using a very compact design. Its form factor supports easy installation within existing customer environments, such as doorways, check-in areas, and other control and verification points. This product and technology was designed and is built in the U.S. to meet all domestic customer security requirements, and continuity of supply for large installations.

Cyber Operations CEO, Philip Ruggieri, commented, “Our new version of Cyber SAM is another example of Cyber Operations’ ‘customer-centric’ commitment. This technology was designed with client input. It is designed for ease of use and integration into existing client operations. It inter-operates with various database packages to further help rapid deployment and high scalability.”

The key features of the new Cyber SAM allow customers to:

  • Enroll one or multiple fingers for each registrant. Multi-factor recognition helps keep security in step with unique customer needs
  • Access and system control is readily managed through a web interface
  • Flexibility of access decision tables across physical or virtual zones
  • Flexibility of access decision tables across groups and individuals
  • Total access control management offering any combination of time of day, day of week, group, zone, door, person, etc.

“Cyber SAM is an advanced biometric solution, ready to help clients strengthen access control, customer relations and the overall enterprise business operations,” said Chief Technical Officer Kevin Etheridge. “What makes this version unique, in addition to its rich selection of features, is the ease of installing and integrating the device in client environments,” he added.

The product is available August 1, 2007 and is being integrated into multiple customized industry applications for the Retail, Travel, Government, Financial Services, and SMB sectors.

Cyber Operations, Inc. provides comprehensive security solutions to companies and governmental agencies through its integration of large-scale network security and biometric and access control technologies. Cyber Operations’ security technology, along with its other products and services, including its voice over IP (VOIP) solution and its Cyber D.A.N. (Digital Advertising Network) solution featuring digital media content management and distribution, complete the technology package essential to the corporate enterprise. The company maintains offices near Birmingham, AL and in Orlando, FL, and its products and solutions can be viewed on its website at


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