Atlas RFID Solutions Announces Mark Brown as Director of Solution Services

BIRMINGHAM, AL –September 10, 2007– Atlas RFID Solutions, Inc., a Birmingham based company specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, announces a new Director of Solution Services, Mark Brown.

Brown has over 16 years industry experience and will be leading teams implementing the most effective, simple, and reliable RFID systems, designed to meet individual customer needs. In addition to implementation on the client end, Brown will also be responsible for training, deploying, and managing Atlas’s solution implementation staff.

Prior to joining Atlas RFID Solutions, Brown was Vice President and Senior Instructor with RFID4U, a worldwide leader for RFID education. He has co-authored three best-selling RFID books and several industry-recognized white papers. In addition, he was sequestered by RFID Journal, one of the industry’s most recognized trade publications to write their monthly “Ask the Expert” column.

His past experience includes Project Manager for systems and services at International Paper Smart Packaging, in the United States, where he was engaged in all of the company’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) pilots and implementations. Brown also participated as a subject matter expert in CompTIA’s RFID+ initiative. Brown has led the development of three RFID laboratories internationally. Discussions are underway about developing another RFID laboratory in Birmingham.

“By bringing Mark on board, we significantly expand our company’s capabilities.” Comments president and founder Robert Fuqua, “He is well-regarded as one of the most experienced and innovative engineers in the industry and his background within the world-wide RFID community will be beneficial for both Atlas employees and our end users.”

Atlas provides companies with consulting and implementation of RFID systems using radio waves to automatically identify and track objects. These systems are similar to that of barcodes, only much more sophisticated. Significantly greater amounts of data can be obtained in a fraction of the time required by a simple bar-coding system. RFID can aid not only in identifying an item, but also in locating and reporting the condition of the item. This capability has proven to be extremely beneficial to improve processes and workflow thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. While these systems are increasing in popularity, Atlas is currently the only Alabama-based company to offer these comprehensive services.

Atlas RFID Solutions provides consulting services to its customers regarding how to leverage RFID to improve processes and workflow thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. In addition, Atlas provides full-scale integration services to include system design, architecture, installation, integration, training, and support for managing of this emerging technology.


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