Discovering the Value of WebSphere Business Modeler V6 Proof of Technology

Note: This seminar is TOMORROW!

Date: September 12, 2007
Location: IBM, 3500 Blue Lake Drive, Birmingham, AL 35243
Cost: This session is offered free of charge. Complimentary refreshments including continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. However, participants are responsible for their own business travel expenses.
Schedule: The session will start at 9:00 AM and end at approximately 5:00 PM.
Duration: 1 Full Day

Audience: This session is designed primarily for the Business Analyst or their Process Specialists responsible for documenting and analyzing current and future business processes. No prerequisite product knowledge is required. It is recommended that participants have an understanding of their current business processes and any process improvement initiatives underway.

Agenda: Through examples, discussion and interactive product experience, we will explore a variety of topics that will illustrate how WebSphere Business Modeler’s capabilities can be applied to business initiatives. Users will examine the behavior of existing processes, simulate proposed changes to validate tangible business improvements and explore the resource implications and financial characteristics of future processes.

Details: “Streamlining and Optimizing Business Processes” is a top priority to a remarkable 85 percent of CIO’s. This unprecedented level of focus comes at a time when documenting and understanding strategic enterprise processes is of interest not only to the business, technical and financial organizations, but often is accompanied by a new dimension of compliance as well. Companies are analyzing and redesigning their internal and external processes to better serve customers by increasing efficiency, improving business agility, optimizing the use of strategic resources and emphasizing reuse.

IBM’s industry leading WebSphere Business Modeler version 6.0 provides powerful capabilities for business users to define, simulate and analyze business processes. This latest version of Modeler is now even easier with more flexible modeling options and new ways to collaborate with process stakeholders.

Business Modeler allows Business Analysts to:

  • Quickly and accurately model current and future processes. Create structured process models from scratch with a graphical drawing surface, or import from Visio diagrams with an easy to use Wizard.
  • Capture detailed task, resource, financial and organizational attributes in the model. Use classifiers, colors and swimlanes to analyze your models in multiple dimensions.
  • View & analyze animated step-by-step simulation flows. Identify problem areas, discover potential solutions and new opportunities for enhancement. Create if-then scenarios to test proposed process improvements. Define Key Performance Indicators to be used for real time process monitoring.
  • Generate a wide variety of reports from existing or custom templates, even web publish models to authorized viewers for collaboration.
  • Use models for documentation, for process improvement initiatives, for compliance or to jump start development on new process automation projects.

This Proof of Technology (PoT) is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of WebSphere Business Modeler v6.0. Attendees will model, simulate, analyze and report on current and new processes with hands on exercises and instructor led demonstrations.


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