Birmingham Company Provides RFID Solution to Manhattan Office Leasing Company

New York, NY – September 17, 2007 — Atlas RFID Solutions, a Birmingham based company specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, has been hired as a consultant for MicroOffice, a Manhattan Office Leasing Firm in New York.

MicroOffice Solutions provides affordable full-service office space in New York City to individuals, small businesses, and satellite offices of larger businesses looking to lease temporary or scalable workspaces. In order to make their space as efficient as possible they have called on Atlas RFID Solutions to consult on a variety of initiatives.

One effort that MicroOffice is considering is room usage tracking. By creating an RFID ‘smart card’ for all MicroOffice tenants, Atlas can provide a timely and accurate log of each tenant’s room usage. This would enhance MicroOffice’s ability to offer ‘a la carte’ room rental for companies who need additional space (conference rooms, etc.) by the hour. The tenant can simply scan their RFID card to gain access to the room, and a wireless report measures the amount of time spent for billing purposes.

“MicroOffice already has a sound business plan in place by meeting customer needs in Manhattan commercial space,” explains Robert Fuqua, Atlas’ founder and president. “We will work with them to better their existing processes and allow them to offer more services to their tenants. By working in this consulting role, we can customize individual solutions for their needs.”

By bringing Atlas RFID Solutions on board to do consulting, MicroOffice will be able to select the most efficient methods possible. Atlas will provide a number of solutions at different levels for MicroOffice to choose between. These scenarios will be worked out specifically to MicroOffice’s needs, as opposed to purchasing a canned RFID system.


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