McLeod Software Expands Imaging Capabilities

Birmingham, Ala. – McLeod Software, a leading provider of dispatch, accounting and enterprise management solutions for trucking and brokerage firms, today announced the Automated Forms Recognition ® module, a new capability for motor carriers that utilize its McLeod Document Imaging ® System. The Automated Forms Recognition module is comprised of four different engines that allow users to capture, validate and classify data accurately and easily.

“For all types of motor carriers, the Automated Forms Recognition module transforms labor-intensive office operations into an advanced electronic document management system,” said Tom McLeod, president and founder of McLeod Software. “This new module, which reduces labor costs and saves time by expediting workflow and eliminating bottlenecks and data entry errors, is the latest in a series of product enhancements that our expanding Imaging division has designed to help customers realize the benefits of a truly paperless operation.”

McLeod’s development team designed the Automated Forms Recognition module with the flexibility to quickly capture data on unlimited numbers of forms and index documents. Weeks of paperwork can be processed in a few days without the need for manual coding and input. For example, using customized trip sheets replaces the need for sheet separators when scanning large batches of paperwork. Drivers also have the ability to import paper documents, such as bills of lading, logs and other load related documents, into the imaging system in real time.

The Automated Forms Recognition module consists of four different engines that manage and control document flow as follows:

  • Bar Code engine used to extract index information and determine document types
  • OMR ( Optical Mark Recognition) engine capable of reading Mark Sense (bubbles) to lift index information
  • Data Validation engine that ensures accuracy of index information against the operations database
  • orms Recognition engine that utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and topography technology to classify documents

About McLeod Software
McLeod Software is a leading provider of enterprise management software for trucking, logistics and brokerage firms throughout North America. Specifically developed for the trucking industry, McLeod offers dispatch, accounting, and document imaging products that give transportation-related companies the ability to increase their efficiencies, while reducing costs. McLeod Software’s integrated best-in-class software products include LoadMaster ®, PowerBroker™ and McLeod® Document Imaging. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, the company serves over 500 companies. For more information, contact us toll free at 877-362-5363 or visit us at


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